In case you missed them the first time:


Five: Thursday, April 24

1.  A heartbreaking Boston story 2. How to climb a hill 3. Ian Sharman’s race report from Boston 4. The limits of “no pain, no gain” 5. Meb first to win Boston wearing compression socks

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Five: Wednesday, April 23

1. Jason Fitzgerald’s Boston report.  Lotta good stuff in here 2. How does alcohol affect your performance? 3. Dynamic warmups make you stronger and faster 4. A cultural dilemma 5. Mikki Kimball won Marathon des Sables.  Here is her report

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Five: Tuesday, April 22

1. Meb wins Boston–photos! 2. Ryan Hall and other Americans give Meb an assist 3. Boston Marathon through the eyes of two men who love it 4. BIG day for Skechers 5. Jeptoo dominates the women’s field at Boston

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Five: Friday, April 18

1. Are exercise cool-downs necessary? 2. Hashtags as race course cheek-ins? 3. Which mindset do you have? 4. GPS watches: good or bad for your training? 5.How’s your mineral consumption?

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Five: Thursday, April 17

1. Handy post on GPS watch accuracy 2. This post and the comments were entertaining, and insightful 3. Why traditional ab work won’t prevent injury or make you faster 4. Repetition (a basic training week structure) is important 5. Having a rough day?  Watch this and smile.  I did (her first ever roller coaster ride)

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photo 1

Throwback Thursday

I was looking for something in a storage box today at lunch and happened to find a baseball that I had feared was long gone. This ball was a could ball from a Birmingham barons game in 1982.  We were on the third base side kinda low, when a pop fly landed two seats away […]

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Five: Wednesday, April 16

1. You’ve heard of “Air Jordans.”  How about a “Run Jordan?” 2. Regular exercise reverses the affect of aging on your skin 3. Pete Larson finds an old but fascinating article on running–from 1885! 4. Suspicious bags at the Boston finish line 5. Boston commemorates one year since the bombing

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Five: 4.15.14

1. It has been one year 2. Why runners sweat more 3. The “naked jogger of Lancaster” 4. Track is killing itself 5. Sleep your way to success

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Five: Monday, April 14

1. Stop negative talk (or thoughts) and you will run faster 2. I don’t know that I’d consider this a “letdown” 3. Musings of an ultra marathon spectator 4. Ian Sharman’s Lake Sonoma race recap. ( I LOVE his last pic) 5. Lake Sonoma 50 miler results. Zach Miller won for the men.  Emily Harrison […]

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Five: Friday, April 11

1. What’s in your race suitcase? 2. Top five tips for road race etiquette 3. 70,000 runners enter the Chicago Marathon lottery 4. In 2013 more than 2 million runners finished a 13.1 as women finisher rates continue to grow 5. In 2013, 1,100 marathons in the US generated 541,000 finishers

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Five: Thursday, April 10

1. Couple wear crazy costumes in marathons to fund overseas adoption of child 2. Stop blowing off strides 3. The fastest runners aren’t always the fastest racers 4. How Wilson Kipsang set the marathon world record 5. Are you programmed to enjoy exercise?

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